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He comes from a multitalented family, so it should be no surprise that the actor is embarking on an international music tour. What else is on the agenda, asks Blanca Schofield


Down The Westside out now!

Down The Westside is the latest single from Toby's much anticipated upcoming album. Set to release later this year. The song released exclusively on the multimillion user app BeatStar

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When I sit down to chat withToby Sebastian, it’s the second day of spring. The season’s start has a curious way of opening up all the senses like a budding flower gasping for the first breath of warm air. As we talk, Toby slips into a nostalgia of senses.


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We dive straight into a photo shoot in which Toby gamely straddles chairs, balances on ledges, suffers clothing adjustments and works with some of our more outlandish suggestions, all in the name of art. After two hours, he has to leave as he’s due at the BBC.


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Midnight ft. Florence Pugh (Official Video)

Rock Rolling (Official Video)

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